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Starfield is an Open-World RPG by Bethesda Softworks/Bethesda Game Studios. But let's assume you know that. Right now, this page is for my cataloguing of all official merchandise, and other stuff I find interesting, and am worried about being hard to find once the game comes out and amasses more fans and content. This particular page only features items revealed before the release of the game. A seperate page will be created for post-release items, where specific dates will be listed. There are no dates here because quite a few of the items had no real advertising and were dropped on the bethesda store without much warning.


This web landing is not optimized for mobile, and is probably best in FIREFOX browsers. This site is unaffiliated with BETHESDA in any way, and is merely a fan endeavor.

Prints & Posters

Limited Time "Journey Through Space" (Key Art) Lithograph Print. Limited stock- 400 total copies. Store Item.

Signed Starfield "Vista" artwork (signed by members of the team at Bethesda Game Studios). As part of the prize for a charity event for Make a Wish. The site did not specify which members of the team at BGS.

"Journey Through Space" (Key Art) print signed by Mike Butkus and Todd Howard for a promotional giveaway.


Starfield Logo Tee. Store Item.

LPV6 Chronomark watch, steelbook case, credstik with laser-etched game download code, and constellation patch included with the Constellation Edition of the game. There is a manual you can view which details the features and specifications of the watch, as well.

Constellation themed Beanie. Store Item, released alongside the Constellation themed Astronaut Jacket.

Constellation themed Jacket.. Store Item, released alongside the Constellation themed Beanie.

The contents of a goody-bag from XBOX Fanfest 2023, featuring 2 starfield patches as well as a card to redeem a custom starfield bomber jacket, as seen to to the right. There is also other examples of tweets sharing the custom bomber jacket card.

Constellation Flight Crew Bomber Jacket by Insert Coin Clothing. The lining is the gravity field pattern in white.

Constellation "Retro" Tee. Store Item released with the Starfield Direct.

"Into The Starfield" Tee. Store Item, dropped some time after the Direct.

"Barkfield" Tee. Released alongside Redfall and Ghostwire Tokyo shirts as part of a charity event.

Explorer Patches. Released sometime after the Starfield Direct.

Starfield themed socks and a very nice looking bag featured- I THINK- at the xbox showcase or Fanfest. Although I cannot for the life of me find solid info on this, and must apologize for my lack of source v__v.

Starfield Pins. Given away at a Canadian Xbox Games showcase watch party (previous link) as well as- seemingly- Fanfest 2023.

"Vascalico" Shirt.. Similar to the Barkfield shirt, sold by Dallas Pets Alive in collaboration with QuakeCon.


Nova Galactic Mug. Store Item.

Constellation Mug. Only spotted in use by Bethesda Employees, at this time. This particular shot is from Into The Starfield-Made for Wanderers.

Vasco Statue by Maul_Cosplay on Twitter/Instagram. The image below was posted on the Deutschland Bethesda Twitter account.

Aftershock starfield themed rig shown at Worlds of Bethesda in Australia and to be given away in 2023.

Origin PC Starfield build shown at Quakecon 2023. A tweet about it.

August 2022's Gamestar Magazine with Starfield on the cover.

3D Printed(?) Vasco statue featured in the Starfield Direct.. Not for purchase.. And Huge.

Explorer's Bundle, limited stock of 800, featuring a Vasco statue and 3 sticker sheets. (I got this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Constellation XBOX Headset & Controller, released on the same day as the Starfield Direct.

Starfield Popcorn Bag, Seen at XBOX Fanfest 2023. Finally, one of the random obscure items I made this website for..

Starfield Aerial Skate Deck, Store Item released with the Starfield Direct.

The Official Constellation Journal, Store Item released with the Starfield Direct.

Constellation Deskmat, Store Item released with the Starfield Direct.

Official Starfield Edition Desk Chair by Noblechairs.


Lucozade featuring the flavors Original, Pink Lemonade, and Orange, complete with a promotional video. Vasco is on the Pink Lemonade and Orange bottles, and the player character is on the Original bottle.

Yfood "Meal Drink". Featuring Starfield packaging.

Rockstar energy drink featuring Starfield packaging. More info in the article linked!


Coloring Page.

Spotify Playlist Cover.

Poster Posse Collab. Full HQ images and their respective artists are within the link. As far as I can tell, poster posse doesn't actually sell these, hence this being under the non-physical category rather than the poster category.

A template was originally used for this page, done by user TEMPLATERR, and although I have completely frankensteined this, it is with this template I eased into learning to code! So thank you!